Payment Policy

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We accept all major debit and credit cards and others supported by our payment gateway providers, checks and demand draft.

On request invoice will be sent to your mail for record purpose.

In case of checks or demand draft, it must be drawn in the name of “ SARANAM LOGISTICS PVT LTD “

Claim and Refund Policy

All service issues will be addressed by our specially trained customer services team.

All delivery issues and damage disputes, will be forwarded to the respective carriers through which the service is done and the follow-up will be done on behalf of you.

Saranam Logistics Pvt Ltd believes in best business practices and ensures the customer’s satisfaction.


The customer can cancel or withdraw the pickup request and is entitled to give instruction to stop the package for further process or take back the package at his own interest in case if the package is at our office premises.

Shipments cannot be taken back or cancel once it is moved from Chennai connection hub or once the barcode scan made to those packages.

In some cases if the customer definitely needs the package back, best efforts will done by us to retrieve back and those cost incurred for return back, it will be billed to the customer. On acceptance of our return policy through mail, we will initiate the cancellation of our booking.


The booking can be cancelled by the sender though request by email or call our customer service before 8 pm each day. Request to stop or cancel the booking cannot be taken after this time because all packages will leave Chennai hub around 8 pm onwards.

If the booking cancelled, the charges paid by the customer will be return back by us.